Sep 4, 2013

mug swap 2013 - part 2

So yesterday you saw what I got from my amazingly talented mug swap partner, Heather.

Today I'm showing you what I got for mine. There may have been a little squeal when I got my email that I had been matched with a partner from Kim. I was to find a mug for Jules of JoysHope. I only know her through her blog and instagram feed so from what I can tell from that is she has a huge heart, she's amazingly talented, she is hilarious and I'm pretty sure we'd have some serious laughs together if we ever met in real life.

And if you've visited her blog or seen her instagram feed, you know she loves color and the beach. So the hunt was on to find her a perfect mug.

I went all over this crazy town searching for a mug. I came up empty after many outings. Instead of continuing my hunt, I played a little. You see, what you may not know, Julie is not too fond of some specific things. When you fill out the mug swap questionnaire there's a spot for what you like. Here's what she had to say:
I love everything. Except purple. And cats. And bananas. And clowns. And sharks. And poorly written books. And ketchup.
So what does one do with that knowledge? Sketch a little doodle of all those things together. Naturally. So that's what I did. I couldn't help myself.

A purple cat, a shark and a clown at a "poorly written book club" with a lovely snack of bananas and ketchup.

It's a little sad how many giggles there were as I made this. Quite sad.

But I finally gathered my wits and went back on the hunt. I ran to my go-to-mug-swapping-place, Anthropology. I found two mugs and texted pics to my friend Katy, who just happened to be my last year's mug swap partner. She and Julie are friends so I knew she'd steer me right. And just like that, mug found.


I gathered up a few little extra goodies to add to the box. Mainly so Julie wouldn't hate me after she saw the doodle :)


A little Burt's Bees, my favorite local coffee, Topeca, a teal bracelet and my "coffee and Jesus" print and called it a day.

And since Julie follows me on instagram, I had to mess with her a bit. I didn't want her cluing in that I had her for a partner so I finished wrapping her package with a nice little note and posted it to instagram.


I also have to share my little surprise mug with y'all. Katy, mentioned above, is pretty awesome. We have joked that once a mug swap partner, always a mug swap partner - case in point: This little mug she sent me.


It's pretty perfect. Thank you Katy. My mug is awesome. You rock. And I'm pretty happy we met through Kim's mug swap last year. Even if you and Kim text me ridiculous amounts of pictures of yourselves as cats.

So Kim. Katy. This one's for you two.


Don't say I never did anything for you :)

And that's a #mugswap2013 wrap.


  1. Oh my gosh, I would have totally appreciated your awesome drawing! Love it! I need to make sure I don't miss out on the next mug swap because this looks like SO much fun! And I have a thing for mugs so it's perfect!

  2. BAHAHAHA! Katy texted me cat face pictures yesterday. I still LOL just thinking about them. How funny that you sent Julie that picture. So great.

  3. You are a great gift-giver! But not so cute as a cat...I think you are a much prettier human. LOL!

  4. i will have nightmares over that last picture.

  5. Laughing so incredibly hard. Seriously. Purple cats. amen.

  6. that photo is hilarious! I am so sad i haven't participated in any mug swaps. I am so ready to have free time so I can do these fun things and meet more cool blogger peeps like you. :)

  7. Lesley,

    Re: the doodle of the purple cat and all - diabolical - I love it! And the "I heart cats, like a lot - purrfect!" You have made my day. I keep giggling...

  8. That cat is gonna kill someone :)


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