Sep 16, 2013


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I have wanted to create a print from Matt Redman's, 10,000 Reasons, for a while now. It's one of my favorite worship songs and it's been scribbled in my notebook for I can't even tell you how long. I was finally urged to do it after receiving a several comments and etsy convos asking about it. In particularly after a sweet woman shared a heartbreaking story of loss and hope with me.

I don't know if I'll ever get used to people contacting me to create something so dear to their hearts to give to a loved one. It is something I take seriously and am so very thankful God has blessed me to use the talents he gave me to bless others.

Anyway, I had planned on using the first verse in my design but was asked to do the chorus so I decided to do both. They can be displayed alone or together! So this print set is how that song looks in my head. And since it's about to be fall, I opted for some fall colors. I hope you don't mind.

Part 1.

merry and bright

And part 2.

merry and bright

I also added a new printable:


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Happy Tuesday and make sure you come back tomorrow to hear all about our Be Craft shindig!


  1. Too funny... I've been playing rend collective experience's version during my morning coffee /bible time and started a 10,000 reasons notebook. I might need a few volumes :) great timing!!!

    1. Oh I love the 10,000 reasons notebook idea. So great!!

  2. I am so sorry to be pointing this out, but hope you understand...
    "Worship" on the last line of the first print is misspelled :( It's missing the S.
    I'm a court reporter so proof reading and catching misspellings just happens whether I'm looking for them or not. I hope you don't think I'm just being critical. I love these prints so much and just wanted to hopefully save you some trouble as they're being bought.

    1. Pretty much my worst fear ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing it out! You are my hero. All files have been corrected and updated. I owe you :)

  3. These are great, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Home is wherever I'm with you!!! SO CUTE!


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