Jun 19, 2015

Garden Salads - so many options

~ Originally posted at Beautifully Rooted 5/2012 ~


Well hello again, friends! I'm back today and have some easy salad ideas for you.

My husband is quite the gardener which means we have tons of produce growing in our backyard! This happens to be my favorite time of the year for our garden because we have lettuces, spinach, onions, radishes and other greens ready to pick each evening and I love salads!

Since we have a surplus of greens right now, we eat salads nearly twice a day but that doesn't mean we eat the same thing every day. I have to mix it up and love getting a little creative with our salads.

One of my favorite things to put in a salad are fruits. Strawberries and feta cheese are one of my favorite combos, not to mention, grapes paired with blue cheese! Anyway, if you're looking for some salad inspiration, I'm sharing some of my favorites today.

First up, lunch ideas.

Cranberries and Feta

mixed greens
thinly sliced radishes
sliced green onions - white and green parts
dried cranberries
crumbled feta cheese

Blue and Purple

mixed greens
halved grapes
chopped walnuts
crumbled blue cheese

Veggie Max

mixed greens
grated carrots
diced avocado
sliced green onions - white and green parts
crumbled feta cheese

Northern Bean Salad

mixed greens
top it with bean salad, recipe here, but I didn't add rice or cumin

Now for dinner salads. You can take any of the above, or make your own combo of fruits, veggies, cheeses and/or nuts and throw in some protein. I like topping it with grilled chicken, prepared chicken salad or even adding hard boiled eggs.


I also LOVE adding fried goat cheese to a salad.


As for dressings, my favorites are poppyseed and balsamic vinaigrette, you can get my easy vinaigrette recipe here.

I hope these inspire you in some way! I'd love to hear your favorite salad combos.

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  1. YES. Thank you! But, I'm telling you, you need to do a salads recipe book! =)


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