Jun 8, 2015

The Love Project Fundraiser

Happy Monday you guys!!! I am so excited and honored to share some news with you today.

My sister, Ashley, has been working on a beautiful project with Meredith and the good people of Morning Star and today they announced the launch of the LOVE project.

In short, the LOVE project has been created to raise funding for life-saving surgeries for children born with congenital heart disease. Children who, if their parents cannot afford the surgeries, are likely to end up abandoned and orphaned in hopes that the orphanage can save the child's life. I can't even imagine that kind of reality. You can find more about it on her blog post here.

In efforts to raise money for those life-saving surgeries, Morning Star has launched the LOVE Fund. Several artist's, many I am blessed to call real life friends, have designed and donated a one-of-a-kind print (for immediate download) to the LOVE project shop.

Artist's include:

When you purchase one of the designs, not only do you get a beautiful print to hang in your home or gift to a friend, you are also making a donation to the LOVE project fund as all proceeds go directly to Morning Star for the LOVE project. Win-Win!!

My sister also shared some of the cutest ways to use the designs in non-print format by printing with different options through Mpix.com. Check out her post to see them as magnets, folded cards, gift tags and more.

Oh, and! I shared a sneak peek on instagram, @lesleyzellers, of a print I was working on a while back and I finally get to share the final piece here. Many asked if it is the print would be available in my shop. The answer is no. But! You can get it over at the LOVE project shop today!

Before I end, I have to say how incredibly proud I am of my sister. Ashely, you are an inspiration to me and I am so thankful to have you in my life. You encourage me to love big, dream big, fight for those that can't and walk in faith and courage. So thank you, sister. I love you and pray blessings upon blessings for sharing your voice to fight for family preservation and orphan prevention. I love you.

How exciting is this?! Please, go check out the LOVE project shop. Get a print for yourself, buy another for your mom, maybe even another for your friend's wedding! I encourage you to join the fundraiser and be part of a community saying yes to family preservation!

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