Jun 27, 2011

CrazyJoy = Mysterious (revealed)

I'm going to make this short because we were at the lake all weekend and I'm exhausted.

Anna announced on Friday that our CrazyJoy challenge word was Mysterious so check out her post to see how we interpreted it. For now, a peek of mine...


I think mine needed a little explanation, so here goes. While we were motoring around the lake we saw this strange thing sticking out of the water next to a dock. As we got closer we realized is was the mast, don't know if that's actually what the thing is called, but the big long pole that you run a sail up on a sailboat. That's all that was sticking out of the water, the sailboat had completely sunk.

How did it sink? What's going on in the boat underwater now? Were fish making their homes in it now in the deep, dark water? So mysterious.


  1. That is mysterious...and also stinks for the sail boat owner! :) Perfect weekend for the lake! It was hot so hopefully the water cooled you guys off!

  2. super mysterious I do declare...


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