Jun 21, 2011

Another Insanity Update

Well, today is my goal date for my Insanity challenge. I wish I could say I completed my goal of working out every weekday, but I've been slacking. I'm averaging 4 days a week, which isn't BAD, but it's not what I had planned. So, I decided to extend my plan another month.

I am NOT a morning person but I have actually enjoyed being up early before the other two wake up. It's like my only me time in the day and it's so peaceful (after I catch my breath and recover from those stupid insanity videos). It surprised me to learn that I actually liked getting up early. Plus, I feel like I have so much more time in the day. So, I may not work out every weekday, but I'm actually enjoying the torture so far.

Along with working out, we have been eating pretty "healthy" around here - not counting the weekends :) Here's some of the stuff I guess I consider healthy:

Poached egg on toast
Poached Egg on Toast

Ham and veggie sandwich with veggie salad - I actually eat this almost every day for lunch.
Ham and Veggie Sandwich

And grilled portobello sandwich with baked zucchini fries - those fries are so good! Thanks for posting that Anna.
Grilled Portobello Sandwich with Baked Zucchini Fries

I love how bright and colorful healthy food is!

Oh, and I haven't had a donut since I started this challenge! But I have had cake, ice cream and oreos.


  1. Your food always look so good! Keep up the workout, you will start to fall into a routine. I couldn't do what you are doing.

  2. your lunch looks delicious.

    p.s. I sent you an email for Junkyard Dawgs ($5 for $10 deal) my bad ;-)

  3. nice job! a couple months ago I was pretty consistent in getting up early to work out (it was with friends so that made it easier!) and I LOVED that me time. I also would usually get my quiet time in during that time before Lincoln woke up too and it was a GREAT way to start the day! But now I have no energy so I am waiting for that to come back before I get back into it! :)

  4. great job! that lunch looks fantastic!!!!!!!

  5. LOL! I love the fine print. ;)

  6. Those zucchini fries look YUMMY! 4 days/week is NOT bad at all. You go, girl! :)

  7. I am definitely going to be making some of those zucchini fries! That might even get my husband to eat something green! Great job on the insanity..I hear that's a really tough workout!


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