Jun 23, 2011

Fishing and Food

I feel like I've been talking about those two things a lot lately. But, it's summer and it's a great time for both!

This past weekend we tried out a new restaurant downtown. The okra was delicious and the jalapeno poppers - they fry them. Oh yes, they were good. (What, was I not supposed to eat that?)


Did you check out P's hair? The girl has some serious body!
We also took the boat out.

She's quite a talker and pointer these days. Here she's directing daddy as he gets things ready for the water.


Later, he showed her what a noodle fish is.


And another shot of the hair.


I also tried getting some pictures of her in her room - she had a lot to say.


Now, who's ready for Friday!?


  1. All of her cousins like the one with her & the fish! Funny picture....

  2. haha these pix are great! i just love that last pix with that expression!!! our baby's hair is going crazy right now..it's super long on her but im afraid to cut it since she's only 3 months! lol

  3. What restaurant? I NEED all those things I shouldn't have too!

  4. I second Amber P.'s ??? What restaurant?? YUMMY!!

  5. Hehe I like the picture of her and Eric with the fish. Hilarious.

    Yum at your new restaurant.

  6. And I am going to third thw which restaurant question!

  7. Ha! Thanks for the comments ladies! The restaurant is Back Alley BBQ, it's Memphis style, which I didn't care too much for the sauce but the sides were amazing!


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