Jun 29, 2011

Homegrown Tomatoes

It's that time of year when we eat tomatoes every night with dinner and I love it. There's nothing like a homegrown tomato. They are so juicy and full of flavor - unlike the kind you find at the store.

Growing up, I was spoiled by my grandpa because he always had plenty of tomatoes to share from his garden. Now I'm older and my husband is spoiling me with our own.

Homegrown Tomatoes

They are so red, juicy and sweet. Even Sweet P likes them!

She was my little helper yesterday while I was picking tomatoes. As fast as I could get them in the bowl, she had them back out and in the grass. At one point I looked over and she had taken a big bite out of one and juice was running down her chin.

It was hot so I finished gathering all the tomatoes and took her inside to let her finish off her find.

She was a mess. The floor was a mess.


I didn't mind. She had her first homegrown tomato and LOVED it.


Her great-grandpa will be so proud.


  1. mmm I have never had a homegrown tomato before. I feel like I am missing out on the fun P is having! G and I eat a lot of tomatoes here!

  2. homegrown tomatoes are the best! And Sweet P is so cute eating them!

  3. I love home grown tomato's too!! My daughter did the exact same thing last summer. It's so much fun watching them discover the world around them.

  4. This post makes homegrown tomatoes AND baby-messes look so good. :) I may not be able to acquire the first, but I'm pretty sure I can get the second down by the end of today!


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