Jun 3, 2011

National Donut Day

Yep. It's today. Do you want to know what I ate for breakfast INSTEAD of a donut?

Another Healthy Breakfast

Blah. More granola, fruit and Greek yogurt.

Last year I celebrated with this:

Daylight Donut Cinnamon Sugar Donut -165/365

I didn't plan this working out thing too well.

And an update on the working out thing, I have got up all three days so far and done that stupid cardio thing. My legs don't like me and it's very difficult to even straighten them. But, I guess that means I'm doing something to them, right? I did a whole lot better today than I did on day 1 so yay for me! I'm so ready for these next two days so I can have a little break. I know, only three days into it and I'm already happy about 2 days off.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Mmmmm donuts....I feel like Homer Simpson!

    PS I haven't eaten a donut in probably six months. Ben bans them from our house...he's such a health nazi!

  2. high five.
    i laughed at the "stupid cardio thing" comment. pretty sure those exact words have come out of my mouth before.

  3. i ate over 20 donuts during my pregnancy..last 2-3 weeks before labor..true story!!! therefore today I did not take part of the donut day! lol

  4. everything looks SO yummy, and the snaps are awesome!

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  5. Although I've been craving doughnuts for a long time (& I don't even eat them)....that breakfast looks yummy!!

    Keep going- you're on a good roll with your stupid cardio :)

  6. I'm impressed! I ate 2 donuts on Tuesday. Oops!


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