Apr 19, 2011

From the Garden to the Table

With all the craziness of the last week, I kind of forgot about our radishes growing in the garden. I went out to check if any were ready to be picked and came back with a handful of pink beauties (that's actually the name of the radishes we planted) and a big bowl of greens.

Pink Beauty Radishes
Raised Bed Garden

I cleaned and chopped the greens, radishes, a couple of green onions and carrots for the salad.

Preparing a Fresh Garden Salad

And a fresh, spring garden salad is ready!

Fresh Garden Salad

After yesterday I thought I better prove that I can eat healthy too!

And just because she's pretty cute. A picture of my P.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. so beautiful!
    my girl is sitting on my lap and when she saw sweet p she put her arms out and said "baby! hold you! hold you!"

  2. she looks so pretty in that dress!

  3. what a yummy-looking spring salad! if only I hadn't woken up to snow today.....
    what a cutie pie in that sweet dress! <3


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