Apr 11, 2011

You Can Live Without It

What a whirlwind of a weekend we've had. There were plans of getting so many things checked off our to-do list. We got some finished Friday night but then it happened.

Severe pain.
Not mine, the husbands.

He spent Friday night up walking around the house until finally Saturday morning I took him to the ER.

Sweet P came with us and boy was she a trooper. I found the best way to keep her entertained in a small hospital room where she can't crawl around, was by giving her snacks. She got lots of snacks. But she still had her moments.

After hours of tests and xrays and lots of blood taken we found out he had appendicitis. So, he went into surgery that day and now he is doing great - with one less organ.

Turns out you don't really need an appendix.


  1. Glad to hear he is doing good! Crazy that you and Ashley both had emergency room visits over the weekend.

  2. Oh no! Both you and your sister!
    Praying for you guys, speedy recovery!

  3. Oh my! That does not sound like a fun weekend. Glad he's OK!

  4. I can't believe you and Ashley both had ER visits this weekend!!! Glad to hear his surgery went well. Praying for quick healing and comfort for him and Firecracker...and yall's whole family!

  5. yikes! sorry he had to go through it, but happy it's over and he's healthy again!


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