Sep 26, 2011

CrazyJoy = Fuel (revealed)

After a weekend like this past one, I am ready for a new week! Here's my photo for the crazyjoy challenge word: FUEL.

crazyjoy = fuel

Yes, that's an emergency room in the background - don't worry, we're all doing great. Since Sweet P has been born, we've visited the ER 2x, but not for her! The husband was having killer migraines all weekend so we wanted to make sure it wasn't anything more. Tests came back normal, kind of surprising his head is normal, I mean, the man noodles.

Anyway, dealing with a husband with migraines all weekend, a 14 month old that doesn't sit still unless she's sleeping and add growing a baby on top of it all, I needed some caffeine to fuel me.

Here's Anna's:


Seriously folks, have you noticed how much our brains are alike!? Yay for coffee.

If you joined us this week, link up your blog post with you photo below...

Hope you guys had a great weekend and here's to a great week!


  1. Jimmy threw out his back over the weekend so I was tending to him and Kiera. Good times. I actually (finally) got me some Starbucks on Saturday. It was lovely. The coffee that is.

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better! I wasn't able to link up but I did have a picture for fuel. This was a fun one.


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