Sep 20, 2011

The Weekend

I mentioned yesterday that our weekend was crazy and here's a little more on that.

I love how many outdoor festivals there are in this town, especially the ones centered around food! The Rock & Rib Festival was this past weekend and after going last year, we had to come back. It rained pretty much all day and finally let up in the afternoon so we hurried down to the festival and made our way down the street checking out each vendor before deciding on which ones to try. 

Rock and Rib Festival 2011

Sweet P was pretty patient as we tried to decide.

Waiting for Ribs

Last year we tried Johnson's so knew we wanted to sample something else - even though they were SO good!

A Slab of Johnson's at BOK's Rock 'n Rib Festival

We finally made out decision and went with "Porky-N-Beans" ribs and "Big Boned" ribs and sides.

Rock and Rib Festival 2011 - Ribs

This year's winner went to Porky-N-Beans but I think Johnson's was better.

Sweet P slept through the festival last year but enjoyed gnawing on a bone this time around!

Sweet P's first Festival!

crazyjoy = attack

After stuffing ourselves with meaty goodness, we let P run/dance wildly in the open square.

Hitting the Dance Floor

Fleeing the Dance Floor

Another successful festival in the books.

The next day I woke up to biscuits and gravy for breakfast and a delicious Rocket Brothers latte. Not to mention, the little one was already fed, changed and ready for the day!! My husband is pretty awesome.

Weekend Breakfast

Fed and full, we to the park and then I filled nap time with baking.

There was a little football game later in the evening that I needed to make snacks for because I can't watch sports without snacks. I made some orange and black (OSU colors) cupcakes and had enough to take to my grandpa's. Our family gets together pretty much every Saturday for dinner.

Check out the pictures my sister took of Sweet P in her game-gear on her post today

Anyway, we were about to leave and I was in the front seat (holding an uncovered plate of cupcakes) waiting for the husband to get in the car after buckling in our daughter. That's when he decided to lob me the keys at my lap - without warning and then, the keys landed perfectly on the cupcakes.

Orange/Black cupcakes

So that was a fun time cleaning icing off car keys!

After dinner we had some friends over to eat snacks and watch a little football. The game we were excited about, OSU-TU, had a scheduled kickoff time for 9:10pm. Late? Yes, but when it's your alma mater, it's not too bad. It had been raining all evening and the lightening delayed kickoff.

We waited and ate more food. 10:30 rolled around and I was giving up hope of the game actually happening. At about 11:30, everyone else gave up hope and went on home. By midnight, the snacks were eaten but the game finally began. The husband tried to watch the game but it was way past my bedtime and I only lasted the first 20 minutes.

Sunday was a day of recovering and resting. It was good.

So that was our weekend, in a super long post. Hope you had a good one.

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  1. I think we would get along. We love festivals too. I'm not going to be able to post my crazyjoy pic n time. But will s on Friday


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