Sep 12, 2011

CrazyJoy = Rock (revealed)

Time to reveal our photos for the crazyjoy challenge word: ROCK.

Here's mine:

crazyjoy = rock

That was my attempt to rock Sweet P. She had other things in mind like looking at her books. I miss being able to rock her to sleep but it's pretty fun to see her remember her favorite books and point to different things. Plus, I guess I'll have another one coming along soon to rock to sleep!

And Anna's:


If you joined in the challenge this week, link up below:

Hope you all have a great week!!

Oh, and make sure you check out my friend, Danielle's blog today for her adoption HUGE day of giveaways and help bring her baby home!

one sweet love


  1. I love your interpretation of the word, and I really love sweet P's book 'shelf'

  2. I love your picture! Rocking babes and reading are two of my most favorite things in the world! I'm loving the photo challenge.


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