Oct 25, 2012

Custom Photo Christmas Cards are here!

That's right, folks! I'm excited to share my custom photo card designs with you today!!

Christmas is only 2 months away! Thus, making it the perfect time to start thinking about your Christmas card and photos you want to send out.

I have 10 new designs I've created for you that you can easily find in my shop. Each are designed with two sides but you can also get a one-sided card for $5 less. What a deal! You can view close up details of each side in my shop by clicking on the image.











Interested? Here's how it works:
  1. You purchase the listing for the digital file from my shop.
  2. Include the line of text you want at the bottom as well as your name, for example: with love, the Smith's, warmest wishes - the smith's, etc. at checkout.
  3. Email me at lesleyzellersdesigns{at}gmail.com and include the photos and side preferences. I also provide light photo editing so if you need a color photo converted to black/white, just let me know.
  4. Within 24-48 hours, probably less, I will email you a PDF proof for you to review. Upon approval, I will send you a high resolution print-ready PDF and JPG within 24 hours.
  5. Print anywhere you choose! You can print on your home printer or your favorite printer like shutterfly, walmart or kinkos.  Or online using overnight prints, 48 hour print or vistaprint. But, if you ask me, I'd go with Mpix.

And what's even better - you have several options with your file.
  • Do a single-sided card that can double as a post card. No envelope necessary!
  • Use a two-sided design for a flat card and step it up with an envelope.
  • Or you could even choose the two-sided design and create a folded card so you can write notes!
  • And, depending on where you choose to print, you can choose specialty paper options like pearl, recycled or extra heavy!

Good stuff?

It's about to get better!

For the last remaining bit of October I'm offering free shipping on all Christmas card orders!!!

Kidding! They don't need to be shipped, you're getting the file to print yourself. I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention.

But seriously, I'm giving you 15% off your order from now until Nov. 1 using the code HOLLYJOLLY2012! So, hurry over and get your design today! And if you don't have your family, children's or pet's photos done yet, no worries. Just let me know in the checkout when you should have the photos to me.

Oh, and if you see something you like and would like the text changed or a custom design, I am happy to do that too. Email me at lesleyzellersdesigns{at}gmail.com and let me know what you're thinking. You can order your custom card design right here!


Whew, that was a long post but I'll probably remind you about getting your order in again as Christmas gets closer. And in the event you can't remember how to find my shop, ahem recipeforcrazy on etsy, ahem, I've added a little button on my sidebar with all the designs and links to my shop.

It's just under the search bar and looks like this:


So, happy Thursday to all and to all a good day.


  1. Will you sell the templates for photographers to use? I love these and would buy in a heart beat!

    1. I hadn't thought about it but definitely could. I'll work on it and let you know. Who do you use to print?

      And thank you!

    2. I use WHCC. You could sell as a group and/or individually. Thanks!

    3. I hope to have the templates listed this week!! I will list each separately and also two packages, one of all the chalk art designs and the other will be the remaining 5. Thank you so much for your interest!!

    4. Great! I can't wait to check them out and buy!! Thanks for changing for my needs! Love your work!

  2. these are so cute Lesley!!
    did you draw the chalkboard designs?
    they are soooo good!

    1. Thank you, Heather! That means so much to me. I hand-drew each of the chalkboard designs and scanned them in.

  3. I want you to come paint a chalkboard and design in my living room! You did such a great job with these!

  4. Yep, you even topped last year's!

    Now, I need to find a photographer.....

    Lesley, these are beautiful.

  5. I was going to ask the same question as Danette. These are absolutely amazing Lesley!

    1. Hi Jamie! Yes, I hope to have the templates listed this week. There will be a few options, individual designs, a package of all the chalk art designs and another package with the remaining designs. Thank you so much for your interest!! I'll post when they're in the shop.

  6. LOVE the chalkboard designs! So awesome! Did you do all those on your sister's chalkboard while they were in China? :) Their welcome home message was SO beautiful. Fun!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny!! And thank you for the kind words on the welcome message. I kind of got addicted to chalk art after I made that, hence all the chalk art cards :) But no, I didn't do it on her board but I wish I had thought of that!!

  7. I love these Lesley!!! Are you SURE we can't do Wild Ink Paper Co. together?!

  8. My mine just came in the mail and they are so beautiful! Thank you !!!

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