Oct 3, 2012

The Fair

This past weekend we went to the fair. We love the fair. We don't do rides or buy much, other than food, but we do have a great time.

So, here's how we did the fair:
corn dog at the tulsa state fair
p and the corn dog
fair 2012
tulsa state fair 2012
fried cheese curds
fair pig
fair pigs
tiny toms
fair duck
fair duck
fair duck

Here's a bunch of strange fair food we did not try:
a whole lot of bacon
krispy kreme donut burger stand
carrot cake funnel cake stand
Deep Fried Cookie Dough stand
Dipped Popz

And that was it for this year.

My girls

Oh, and we can't forget the Monster Cookie. It's become a fair food tradition.

Monster Cookie


  1. How fun is that!!! Those piglets! I bet they were a hit!

  2. these fair pics are to die for! that footlong corndog is calling my name (sans ketchup that is. i'm a mustard only kinda girl).

    everything looks MAGICAL. as it should be.

  3. I bet that Carrot Cake funnel cake was awesome!!! The baby pigs were so stinking cute. And the little baby goats too.

  4. You didn't try chocolate covered bacon?!? :)

  5. OH that fair food looks soooooo yummy!!!

  6. The jumbo corn dog is always the first thing we get. Jimmy always has a rib eye steak sandwich, I tried the Pork-abella kabob this year (which was wonderful) and we had a funnel cake on the way out. I saw someone eating a red velvet funnel cake drizzled in cream cheese that looked so good. Maybe next year!


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