Oct 2, 2012

Half A Year



One half of an entire year. That's how long you've been around baby girl. Nuts I tell you.


Time flies and so do you.

In the last month, you have been up to some fun.

You have returned to your old ways of sleeping through the night. Thank you for that. Every week we plan to move you into your crib in your room with your sister but every weekend goes by and you're still hanging tight in our room. (I'm a baby wise drop-out. Don't judge.)

Your hair is still lacking but seems to be coming in a bit more. Oh, and the dark hair you had as a newborn seems to be lightening up quite a bit. You might just be a little blondie.

You've been trying new foods and don't seem to thrilled about the texture of bananas but somehow enjoy a mashed avocado. Baffling. And we introduced you to gnawing on ribs, you're welcome. You chew on everything you can get your little hands on and are drooling up a mess. Are there teeth coming? We shall see.

You're also getting better at sitting on your own.


What are you looking at?


Oh, your sister jumping in your crib.

Back to you sitting. Like I was saying, you're getting better but still haven't quite mastered that one.


Oh, there you are, back in your happy place on your belly.


That's my girl. All that belly time that you love has turned into some serious scooting around the floor. Not quite a crawl, more of a push and pull movement and you're very fast!


Your smile lights up my world. As does the sound of ma-ma-ma-ma and da-da-da. Sure, some may call it babbling but I think you're saying mamma and dadda.

So here's to another half a year of fun, smiles and lots of love.

I love you sweet girl.



  1. Wow she is getting so big! I hope I don't seem like a stalker but I adore reading your blog and following along with your sweet family ;)

    My littlest guy hated bananas when we started him on solids too; however, on a whim I tried some frozen ones (I freeze them for my 2.5 year old as a treat- they taste kind of like vanilla ice cream) with him and there was no turning back. You could try it with your little one if you are looking for solid food options.

  2. oh she is such a cutie! so adorable And Big sis too of course!
    They grow up so fast. My son is 5 next week and i can't believe it!


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