Mar 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera - Yay for Spring

I have a love-hate relationship with gardening - both flowers and veggies.

I love the beauty of flowers and the wholesome goodness fresh veggies.

I hate weeds. They really take over and they are a pain to pull.

I had a few hours and some gorgeous sunshine and decided to tackle some weeds in the front flower beds. Sweet P hung out with me in a little tent my sister gave me. I entertained her with toys and finally gave her my iphone so she would stay in the tent a little longer.

She hit her limit and just wanted to be held. That's okay. I hit my limit too. I made it about halfway through the flowers and strawberries and decided to call it quits. Before we went inside I grabbed a quick photo of us.

I'm a little stinky and wind-blown and yes, she has a smidge of dirt on her lip, but it is what it is.

So now it's your turn. Go embrace the camera with Emily.


  1. i literally can't get over her cuteness...

  2. Her little dress is adorable! And I hate weeds too. I'm dreading the day I have to go clean up our flower beds, which is, um, now!

  3. beautiful picture! Love her little dress!

  4. That is a gorgeous picture. My hubby does all of our gardening, I have a black thumb. lol


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