Mar 9, 2011

A Short Little Cooking Lesson

When removing a cast iron skillet from the oven, remember to turn the handle away from you. If you do this, you are less likely to burn your arm.

So, if you ever make the Pioneer Woman's cornbread, you will thank me!

Beans and Cornbread

I made her beans and cornbread and it was SO good! She recommends serving it with sour cream and cilantro. That's not how I was raised. We always put a little butter on the beans with couple shakes of Trappey's pepper sauce.



  1. Mmmm beans and cornbread. We use the Trappey's pepper sauce too!

  2. Yum! I like to put ketchup on my beans. That's how my grandpa always ate it, and he and I were the only "crazy" ones in our family who did it. :) Ouch for your arm!

  3. OH EM GEE. we just commented on each others blogs at the exact same time. we were MEANT to be friends. i know it. move to new york.

  4. I love her recipe- it reminds me so much of the beans and cornbread I grew up on (def. without the sour cream and cilantro, too). My great-grannie always added a pinch of sugar to her beans at the end of cooking, so I do, too!

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