Mar 23, 2011

Sweet P Trys Fish

Our adventures in baby food continues.

The husband has been doing some fishing lately and has been bringing back some really good saugeye. If you've never had it, it's kind of like cod. A thick, white fish.

Anyway, we decided to let Sweet P have some. She seemed really excited about it.

I baked her's and made a pecan-panko crust for ours.

Her dinner.

And the reaction.

Not so sure she loved it, but she did warm up to it and ate it after I mixed in sweet potatoes.

And our dinner. Sorry, no reaction, we gobbled it up.

We have already hit that time of year where it's garden fresh salads with dinner every night! I love it!


  1. What a face! :) I'm really liking your new blog layout. Love the scalloped edges and tape labels. It all looks so light and fresh.

  2. hahaha! That face of hers is adorable! Your blog always makes me hungry...

  3. that looks amazing!!!!

    and i ditto what jenny said, i adore the scalloped edges and tape!!!


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