May 27, 2011

CrazyJoy ...

Today is Anna's day to post our new word for the weekend so head over to her blog and get the details.

While you're there, check out our favorite entry from last week, here's a peek.

Also, thank you guys for joining us! We thought it would be fun to do together but it's even more fun to do it with you guys and see what all you come up with too!

I had so much fun last weekend thinking about last week's word, twist, and what I wanted to do with it. I looked at everything through the eyes of "twist" and it was kind of fun. I was working on Clean Slate last weekend and went to the car to head home to change into painting clothes and realized I had a flat tire. It was quite the twist to what I had planned but a little difficult to explain in one photo. Thankfully, my brother-in-law and a muscled up friend of mine were there to change the tire. I had to mention that he had muscles because the wheel was rusted to the car and he had to pry it off.

Anyway, all that to say I'm excited about our new word for the weekend and hope you guys will join us again!

Happy Friday and hope you all have a great weekend and awesome Memorial Day.

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  1. Are you saying your brother-in-law isn't muscled up? Laughing out loud.

    Chris said you'd still be at QT if it had just been him.


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