May 10, 2011

I Admit

Sometimes when the husband isn't going to be home for dinner, I have a big bowl of shells and cheese. And that's it.

Sometimes I just don't like making a fuss over dinner if I'm the only one eating it. And sometimes I don't like doing the dishes.

Sometimes hanging out with one of my favorite girls is just a whole lot more fun than all that other stuff.

Okay, it's always more fun but a family can't live on shells and cheese alone.


  1. You are learning well my young padawan. ;)

  2. If my husband isn't home for dinner I eat cereal. I won't even use the microwave because that would be too much effort!

  3. girlfriend, you and me BOTH! no seriously, i make this exact thing every time!

  4. hahaha I do this too only I eat rice and turkey dogs. I could live on rice and turkey dogs!

  5. So, it's OK that I'm eating a sticky bun and a cup of coffee for lunch? After I finished slaving away over two frozen Kid Cuisine fish stick dinners, I was too tired to cook anything for myself. And after cooking two frozen Kid Cuisine fish stick dinners... nothing looks very appetizing anymore. :)

  6. living on shells and cheese alone?! why ever not! my go-to hubby's not home dinner is cream of wheat. eww, right? but it's microwaveable!


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