Feb 24, 2012

A Grand Getaway

Last weekend we had a little relaxing getaway to a friend's house on Grand Lake. It was wonderful.

Sweet P was a trooper on the drive - I think it had to do with the fact that she was wearing her purple tutu! Whatever the reason, she entertained us the whole way. At one point I caught her snacking on her crayon, only to find that it didn't quite taste as good as she wanted.


We can't get enough of her. It's so weird to think that there's going to be two little ones in the backseat soon. I am loving these last few weeks we have a just a family of three but it's still sad. I hope Sweet P doesn't feel any less loved, goodness knows she won't be.

Anyway, once we got there, we got settled in, called it a night and woke up to my favorite sign.


I wouldn't mind living on the lake. Not one bit.

I enjoyed my morning coffee on the deck overlooking the water with my two favorite people.


It was a little chilly but that didn't stop us from exploring.



That girl kills me. She loves being outside, no matter how cold it is. She just started saying windy, though it comes out more like "when-we" and it makes her laugh every time. I love how full of life she is.

Later that night we visited our friend's restaurant, The Roadhouse, because it was prime rib night and I do love a good prime rib. We also got a slice of red velvet cake to-go.

And what goes best with red velvet cake on a chilly night? No, not wine, I am pregnant you know. A fire, duh!


It was so relaxing.

We had to leave the next day but before we headed home, we did a little fishing, played in the golf cart and relaxed on the deck.




Oh, and I finished off that red velvet cake!

Now it's full baby-ready mode back at the house. We started getting all the baby stuff down from the attic: bassinet, swing, jumper. This is going to be happening folks!

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  1. Your weekend getaway looked so fun! I love that sign at the lake: relaz, relax, relax. Sounds lovely! And, now I want red velvet cake....!


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