Feb 16, 2012

Well, Hello There

We've had a bit of a rough go of it around our house this week. Nothing major, just some illnesses that have had us all down.


I have a never-ending pregnancy sinus issues, Sweet P had rsv, the husband got the stomach flu and then he gave it to me. I think we are finally all getting better though, well, I still have the sinus stuff but it seems that's just a lovely side-effect of being pregnant, that and leg cramps while I sleep!

Anyway, my little girl had been an absolute dream while we've all been sickly and she steals my heart every day.


I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with another little one around.


Where will the love come from? How can my heart get any bigger?


I don't know but I'm super excited to find out!

P.S. Don't you love Sweet P's headband!? It's from Snugars!! I love it!

Thanks so much, ladies!


  1. She's adorable! And yes I love the headband, I love that shop. I'm glad you are all beginning to feel better.

  2. So precious. Glad you are all feeling better :)

  3. So glad you all are better!!! Don't worry, the love will be just as much for #2 as it is for Sweet P. :)

  4. leg cramps are horrible! 2 of my 3 babies pinched my sciatica nerve and that was horrible too! Glad you guys are feeling better. She looks so sweet in that little headband. And her little chubby fingers!!

  5. She is just SO beautiful. Glad everyone is feeling better.

  6. Ah, she is just so adorable! I can see how she steals your heart! And I am sure that the Lord is preparing your heart to love your 2nd bean just as much as sweet, Sweet P!


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