Feb 1, 2012

January in Photos

I've mentioned that I was joining in on the instagram and Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day challenge this year. Well, January is over and here are my photos to represent.

January "photo a day" challenge collage

I didn't commit to the FMS prompts until day 6 but here are my photos: 1-something you adore, 2-reflection, 3-drink, 4-treat, 5-lunch, 6-makes you smile, 7-favorite, 8-breakfast, 9-daily routine, 10-childhood, 11-where you sleep, 12-close-up, 13-in your bag, 14-something you're reading, 15-happiness, 16-morning, 17-water, 18-something you bought, 19-sweet, 20-someone you love, 21-reflection, 22-your shoes, 23-something old, 24-guilty pleasure, 25-something you made, 26-color, 27-lunch, 28-light, 29-in your fridge (freezer), 30-nature, 31-me.

You can also see my whole set larger on my flickr set: 2012 PhotoADay.

Here's a link for February's list if you want to join in the fun: February photo a day.


  1. Thanks for the photo inspiration. I think I'll try it for Feb.

  2. I tried your link to the Flickr set and it is private and can't be seen...

  3. glad to finally see your baby belly. so cute.


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