Feb 28, 2012

It's a Leap Year

I found Fat Mum Slim's blog through instagram and have been checking it out periodically since I started the photo-a-day challenge. I really liked her take on Leap Year. Check out her post here.

It has me thinking about what I would do if given an extra day and I kind of feel like treating today like a "free" day.

So what would I do with a free day? My mind started spinning as I thought of all the possibilities. Then I started wondering why I don't think of every day as a free day.

I mean, really. Each day is a gift and should be celebrated. I don't know how many days I have on this Earth so I better make the most of each one God has blessed me with.

I wanted to do something extra special today to celebrate Leap Day here on the blog so I'm offering free shipping on every "LOVE" print ordered from my etsy shop today.


Why the Love print? Well, I chose it because a portion of every sale will be donated to LOVE146 and that's something to celebrate.

Free shipping is only today so go order your print and use the code: FREELOVE for free shipping, then come back and let me know how you plan to celebrate your free day!

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