Feb 9, 2011

Avocado for Me and the Babe

I keep waiting for the weather guys to be wrong, but they have been pretty accurate this winter.

I checked the weather and we have been on the homepage of weather(dot)com for a few days now.

With today's snow, we're inches away from the all-time record for snow in a month in Oklahoma. Wow.

There may be another record-breaker this week, the length of my roots! I'm hoping the upcoming warm weather (near 60s hooray!) lets me keep my rescheduled appointment. Until then, I will wear a hat and sit inside looking out at the snow.

yes, P, that's more snow.

And eat.

This time last year, Sweet P was the size of an avocado. Now she's eating them!

16 weeks pregnant

Here's her lunch, smashed avocado and steamed sweet peas.

And here's mine, turkey, avocado, carrot and onion sandwich with a little pickle spear.

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

And this is what she does while I make our lunches.

Hope you're staying warm and fed.


  1. We've been enjoying some avocado here lately, too. My husband (he's the cook in our house) made a big pot of ancho chile chicken tortilla soup with avocado chunks on top. YUM!!! Love the comparison of P. and the avocado. :)

  2. Cutest. Looks like we've got ones about the same age! Except mine's a chunker. :)
    That sandwich makes me want a sandwich. Pretty much about the world's perfect food when you add an avocado to it.

  3. Too, too precious!

    Visiting from the Anderson blog but I also read your sister's blog too. Sweet P is just way too cute!

    And I'm in Houston and we're begging for snow! The weathermen told us we were going to get some last week but instead we just got some nasty ice. We should switch weathermen. lol

    Love your blog!

  4. I love her facial expression in the first picture! She looks as if she really understands what is going on outside!

  5. What a cute post!! Your little girl is beautiful! This is my daughter's first year in college in OK and she is so sick of the snow, already!


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