Feb 7, 2011

More Snow, More Food

We got hit with another 4 inches of snow. I'm okay with it now because I finally got out of the house. It's amazing how energizing going to the store can be!

Here are some icicles.

And Super Bowl food. Because watching all those commercials needs wings, cheese and guacamole!

What was your favorite commercial? Mine were both VW's. The Darth Vader spot and the Beetle. Not offensive, funny and creative. Good stuff.

And now I am preparing to babysit my sister's kiddos. 5 4 kids in my house. 1 of me.

I think poo-poo cookies are needed.

Chocolate Oatmeal No-bake Cookies

This is going to be awesome!!


  1. The Darth Vader commercial was my favorite, too. :)

  2. Oh, and I like your name for the no bake cookies. I've always thought that as well. :) Have fun with all the kiddos!

  3. That's what my mom always called them. My sister's 2nd oldest asked what kind they were and said he didn't want to eat poop! I had to explain that they weren't made of poo and they were good!

    We had a great time!


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