Feb 23, 2011

So We Went to the Zoo

Sweet P had a play date at the zoo and it's a good thing she's so young because she won't remember that most of the exhibits were under construction and most of the animals were somewhere else!

We had a great time anyway. The day was warm and sunny and we enjoyed just being outside.

We saw a peacock! I have a fondness for peacocks.


We also saw this mini deer-like-thing. I took this picture with my phone so I could send it to the husband.

You don't get the scale in this picture which is kind of sad because it was so small and cute! It's almost the size of my little 7lb min pin.

And, we saw a massive snapping turtle. This picture makes me laugh because now that P is crawling and pulling up on everything, that's all she wants to do. She does not like being confined to a car seat or stroller. So, she was a little fussy all afternoon, trying to squirm her way out, but when I took out the camera and pointed it at her, she gave me a big cheeky grin! Ha! That girl knows what to do for the camera.

I think we'll have to go back to the zoo when it's warmer and everything is constructed!


  1. Thanks for the warning. I wanted to take Harper last week, even though she would have no idea where she was. I'll save our first trip for later now! At least your daughter looks like she enjoyed it in the picture.

  2. Fun! I took Braden there a couple of years ago in early April. I thought, "Hey! We'll go to the zoo before summer. It will be so nice!" Think again... the high was 91. Crazy Oklahoma weather. :)


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