May 23, 2011

CrazyJoy = Twist (revealed)

Time to reveal how Anna and I interpreted "twist".

by lesley

by Anna

Anna and I decided to change up the submissions a little. If you want to join us in our little creativity challenge we want you to have as much time as we do to think about it and post your pics so instead of asking for your submissions by Saturday so we can post your pic with us on Monday, we want you to have the entire weekend too and post your link on Monday. Then on Friday when we announce the new word for the challenge, we'll also post of favorite image from the week before with a link to your post. Does that make sense? I hope so! So if you did the TWIST challenge, link up today and we'll let you know this Friday what our favorite was.

And don't forget to check Anna's blog on Friday for the new challenge word and our favorite twisted submission!

And we made a little button for you too.

recipe for crazy


  1. i saw the logo you did for the school...AWESOME!! :)

  2. Hi Lesley! Its been a pleasure stalking your blog.

  3. Hi there I linked up. Am enjoying the interpretations of twist!

  4. thought the links would be open till later in the week. i just posted mine this morning. here is the link anyway

  5. guess i read the instructions wrong. will get on board next week


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