May 11, 2011

Photo Dump

My iphone told me I was running out of space because I had so many pictures on it. I copied them all over to the computer and laughed at some of the ones I had on there.

I call this one Dinner Bracket. When you can't decide what to eat, make a bracket and flip a coin for the winner. The winner of each bracket advances to until you have a dinner winner.

Random fortune from a cookie.

And in case you thought me misplacing things was a one-time thing. Here's a picture I took at the mall after I had been shopping for 30 minutes and realized I didn't have my wallet. It was still on the counter where I left it. Thankfully no one took it!

And a whole lot of P.

Sleeping babe.

Attacking the cat.

And in her shades.

Random? Yes. Happy Wednesday anyway!


  1. Ha! You and I had the same idea today...
    You are hardcore with you dinner bracket! I just write a simple list...I feel like I'm missing out on something!

  2. omgosh I literally LOLed after seeing your dinner bracket. i think I will not only bracket my dinners but bracket everything else I have trouble deciding on! ;)


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