May 25, 2011

Lunch and Creamy Corn

The weather here in Oklahoma has been crazy. Last night there were tornado warnings for much of the state and thankfully nothing was sever in our area or where my family lives. In a matter of a couple of weeks we have seen 95 degree days and then cooler temps in the 70s on others. I'm fine with the cooler days.

Cooler days mean we have lunch outside on a blanket and there's nothing to sweep off the floor.

i guess it's better to go for the middle of the bread then start from a side

And it also means I can use my oven.

Side note here, our air conditioner has been broken since last year. It kind of died on us in the super hot 106 degree summer last year when I was hugely pregnant with 2 weeks to go before my due date. That was not fun. I'd share a photo of my sweaty hugeness but I'll spare you. We thought we had it fixed but the "fix" only lasted a couple of weeks. We are replacing the entire unit this weekend so we have removed all the old stuff. That means no air flow at all. It hasn't been that bad because spring has been very kind to us this year but when it gets about 80 degrees, I don't want to turn anything on that will create extra heat in the house, especially not the oven!

Anyway, I have been able to do a little cooking this past week and wanted to share a new recipe I found (and love).

 Pork Tenderloin and Creamy Corn

I was on this blog and got this recipe for Southern Skillet Corn. I used to love creamed corn but haven't had it in years. The recipe takes a little longer than just boiling some corn on the cob, but it was a nice change.

Happy Wednesday and I'm linking up here today for What I Ate Wednesday.


  1. Looks simple and yummy. I will have to try that as soon as our corn gets growing!

  2. You guys have to replace your AC too? :( That corn looks amazing. I think I will have to make it tonight!

  3. My grandparents (mama & papa) make this's a little different but omg it is amazing. They buy 2 huge trash bags of corn from Bixby and then they cook it and freeze it in quart-ziploc bags and that way we can have it all year long. YUM!

  4. Look scrumptious! I will try it for sure. Man life with out AC could never happen here in FL, hope the replacement goes well...

    Thanks for linking up.

  5. MMM your lunch looks delicious. Funny I made that exact same recipe for dinner last night. I love cream corn but the hubby will only eat it if it's home made.

  6. That looks really yummy! And Sweet P is absolutely adorable!


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