Jul 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Here are some of the things we cooked up this fourth of July weekend.

Food on the 4th

The husband smoked some serious meats on the grill, I made creamy corn and baked beans and my dad brought over his gajillion-layered pie dough with fresh, sliced strawberries and whipped cream to go on top. It was ah-mazing.

I also continued my craft streak this weekend in preparation for P's party.

I started with a few sheets of pink vellum paper. Made tons of accordian folds...


Added some hot glue and little glitter paper circles...


With some folded doilies, and ta-da, the starts to what may be a funky little garland.


Hope you are enjoying a safe and happy day with friends and family.


  1. I had brisket, corn, and beans this weekend too! YUM! and I love the little crafty garland. P's party is going to be soooo cute!!!

  2. This garland is too cute! Looks like this is going to be one very fun girly party. :)


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