Jul 22, 2011

Emotional Mother of a Soon to Be Year Old

I've been absent from this little blog for a couple of days. I'm going to blame it on work, getting ready for P's party and just overall tiredness from a lack of sleep due to a teething girl waking up at all hours. I'm telling you, it's like the rest of her teeth are coming in at once. Poor little thing.

Anyway, I heard this song and cried. Watch it. You have a heart of stone if you don't cry, ok, maybe not, but it'll make you sappy.

Not that I don't want her to grow up, because I do. It's just bittersweet. I love every stage she hits but oh man, I would really enjoy it if she would just cuddle with me on the couch for like two minutes!

So, random?


Happy Friday!


  1. hey, no judgement here! i got super emotional around ashlynn's first too!
    great song :)

  2. Here I am getting closer to the big 60 (still a couple years away), but, you know what? I never grew up!!!!! I'll always be Mommy's little girl.
    Great song, sniff, sniff.


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