Jul 27, 2011

Snap Shop - online!

I know a lot of you guys read my sister's blog but for those that don't, I wanted to make sure you knew about her online Snap Shop!

Several of you have mentioned wanting to take her class or knowing someone that wants to and due to the fact that there's limited space available, you just haven't been able to get in one yet. Well, I'm excited to tell you guys that there's still a few spaces left for her first online class! Check out her information page to register.

I have had the opportunity to take her regular, one-day class and also the online version and let me tell you folks, you won't be disappointed. I think the online version has so many benefits that you don't get with the one day session. Like, you get THREE whole weeks to go through all the material. There's so much great information and helpful tips that having three whole weeks to process it all and go back to is really helpful. Not only that, but you get to do everything at your own pace. You can do it after work, on the weekend, whenever you have some free time.

So why take the class? If you're like me and have a DSLR and want to take better, more interesting photos of your kids, food, family, dog, cat, whatever, and want to break out of the little green automatic square, that's why. The class covers several different sessions from composition, story telling and making the scary switch from automatic to manual. The thing I really liked about this class is all the terminology is easy to understand. It's not super technical and confusing. After taking the class you'll feel excited and ready to tackle your manual setting! Trust me, I did.

Ashley is offering a discounted introduction rate of $150 for the first month. After that the price will go up to $200. Like I said, there's a few spaces left in her first class so if you want to get in on the discount, register before those lasts spots are taken!

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  1. I took one of the very first snapshops class she offered and it was amazing! She did such a great job and I saw a drastic improvement in my pictures.


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