Sep 7, 2012

Fiesta Cozumel

If you've been around here long, you know I love me some Mexican food. You probably also know I like HOT salsa, chips and queso. I've talked about salsa here. Went to salsafest and talked about it here. Saw a recipe for roasted salsa and made it here. And even perfected my own version of restaurant-style white queso here. So, if you didn't know about my affection for salsa, now you do :)

All that to say, I love eating out at Mexican restaurants and am always on the hunt for a new favorite place. I recently posted a picture of some food at a new-to-us mex place on instagram and had all sorts of questions about it. So I decided to write a little post about our new favorite find.

Before I start with the new-to-us place, I will say I don't have a single favorite Mexican restaurant in town. I have different favorite for different things. I'll post a list of those at the end.

But first, let me introduce you to Fiesta Cozumel. If you're local, you should check it out. We really liked it. Here's the link to their website.

I first read about it on Tulsa Food's review, again, if you're local, you should subscribe to this blog, it's full of great reviews on all kinds of local restaurants!

Fiesta Cozumel

Anyway, back to the food, up first, the chips, salsa and queso.

Chips, salsa and queso at Fiesta Cozumel

The chips were slightly thick and delicious. I like a good, thick chip for dipping. The regular salsa was pretty good. It wasn't watery, which I hate, it was thick and had a few chunks - I like some chunks in my salsa. It was also pretty good on the spicy scale though it was mild enough for my two year old to eat. They also have a hotter salsa you can request and request we did. I always add the hotter to the table salsa to make the perfect heat.

By the way, I know I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again, if you are a Mexican restaurant and you don't offer a hotter salsa you lose major points.

Anyway, on to the queso. Their queso is a white cheese, which I love. It was different than most restaurants I've ever tried. It was really thick and very creamy. It was delicious.

Oh, and we tried out the margarita. I think we got the top shelf because they were like 50 cents more than the house, which made it about $5. They were seriously strong $5 margaritas.

I am pretty lame when it comes to ordering. I like cheese enchiladas with queso and either shredded pork or steak on top. My husband has an issue with the amount of cheese but I say the more cheese the merrier.

I ordered the enchilada supremas. Two cheese enchiladas with shredded pork, rice and beans for less than $8.

Enchilada Supremas at Fiesta Cozumel

It was amazing. I know I tend to get a little excited when I talk about food, but I really, really liked what I ordered.

I can't even tell you what the husband ordered, I was too into my own food.

However, the next time we went back, which was only a week later, we split the fajitas Cozumel.


It had grilled steak, chicken, shrimp, beef ribs and veggies and came with rice and beans, sour cream and guacomole. All that for $12.95. It fed each of us, my two year old and we left with a box of leftovers. A lot of food folks.

Fajitas Cozumel at Fiesta Cozumel

The fajitas were decent but I don't think I like chorizo much so we'll probably stick to the basic combo fajitas next time.

So, that was an insanely long post! I know I said I'd have a list of my favorite Mexican restaurants at the end, but goodness, I didn't know I'd get that carried away and that this post would be so long, so, we'll save it for another day. As if you guys even care I'm sure!

Have a great Friday.

I'm off to meet my niece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I *LOVE* me some Mexican food. And whoever heard of too much cheese?! And the best of all, meeting your neice! yay! I cannot wait for those pictures!! Happy family reunion!

  2. I live near Muskogee and we come to Tulsa once, sometimes twice a week for dates and just good (better) food choices in general. So I'm glad you're doing reviews:) Thanks for the tip - I will follow the Tulsa food blog. And I'm one of the ones who commented on your instagram pic. We've yet to try THIS place (we will though), but you mentioned Mi Cocina and we had never been so we went there on a date and loved it! Thank for that too, haha.

  3. Sketchy hood! (lived there til a yr ago) ;)
    But I'll try it! Can't wait to hear about your new niece!

  4. Mmm mexican food. I forgot to ask what you ordered at El Fogon when you tried it. Unless you told me and I forgot! And for some odd reason it has never ever crossed my mind to mix the salsa's! Gonna have to try that next time.

  5. kindred spirits. mexican food is my jam.
    also? i need to visit your city...we have zero good spots here :(

    praying and praising, hooray for your darling new niece! xo


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