Sep 11, 2012

Mug Swap - Part 2

Yesterday I showed off my fancy goodies from Hannah for the mug swap. Today I'm showing you what I got for my partner, Katy. She showed you what I sent her for the swap yesterday - you can check out her post here. She's so sweet!

Anyway, when Kim sent me my assignment, I found out I had Katy! She has a cute blog, her kids are like the exact same ages as mine and she's contributor for Beautifully Rooted. I knew I would have fun shopping for her and learning more about her through her blog.

I chose to keep my identity a secret. I thought it would be more fun that way. So, I started scouring the internets looking for a mug. She's from California and I originally tried to find a cute vintage mug on etsy. Then I thought maybe she wouldn't want a mug that she didn't know where it came from and who drank out of it before.

So, what did I do?


Hit up anthropologie, duh.

Anthro always has the cutest mugs. I love my initial mug so that's what I went in for. Then I worried that she might already have one.


Thankfully anthro had more to offer. I could have each of these and not mind one bit.

I picked out her mug then headed home to get a tad crafty.

I knew there were several ladies sewing mug rugs for their buddy and loved the idea. Only problem: I don't sew.

But I can sketch! So I cut out a piece of card stock and used the mug for inspiration.

I drew little designs.


Went over them with my trustee sharpie.


Then added some paint. I think my inner @underthesycamore and @kristenrogers were coming out.


I had also been on the hunt for other California items because of her Cali love. And found a couple vintage postcards and a wooden nickel from CA.


I tucked them all in the box, taped it like crazy and shipped it off.

Mug swap 2012 done. I'm really excited about next years. I told Kim I'm a lifer now on her swap so she can't ever stop.

And ya know, I kind of want to make my own little antro-inspired set of notecards for myself.

Hmmm, I may just do that.


  1. As much as I love a mug from Anthro, I would pay good money for that sketch/watercolor! Beautiful.

  2. Holy smokes, girl! You are talented! I love your sketch!

  3. this is so fun.
    you have skilzzzzzzzz girlfriend. major skilllzzzzz.

    that card is spectacular.
    so is your taste in mugs. :)
    so cute. i love it all. love love love.

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend! I may have bought a few little things for mugswap2013. Maybe. So, yah, you better do it again.

  4. beautiful, so sweet! you are a delightful talent, girlfriend! xo

  5. I love your sketch ~ amazing! I agree with Kristin above, I would pay good money for it!! New shop offering, maybe?!?!

    1. Thanks!! I may be working on a little something :)

  6. I had the best partner!!!! I love my painting. Sell them? Seriously. It's up in my kitchen. Thank you, Lesley.

    1. You are too, too sweet, Katy! Coming from you, my mega-talented friend, I really appreciate it.

  7. OH, so fun! I *almost* signed up, but chickened out. :) Count me in for next year!!!

    1. Oh you little chicken ;) There's always next year! I'll be sure to keep it on my radar.

  8. i always love your instagrams :)
    just the cutest girlies!

  9. Yes! Anthro has the best mugs!
    And oh my goodness, I love your handmade card!


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