Sep 26, 2012

The Mother of All Festivals

AKA. The Fair.


In case you live in a dark hole in Oklahoma somewhere, the Tulsa State Fair starts this week!!

It is no coincidence that our local fair is always going on the weekend of my birthday.

Thank you fair organizers for always planning such a great birthday celebration for me. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

I'm excited to introduce Little Sister to her first fair and my mouth is already watering for a corn dog, funnel cake and fried cheese curds. These are some photos from last year.

Cheese Curds and Fried Green 

I'm also excited to see Sweet P with all the animals again this year! 

crazyjoy = wish

Oh how I love the fair and fair food. So what do you love about the fair? Any foods I HAVE to try? We always try something new to eat every year so I'm looking for suggestions.


  1. Texas State Fair is this weekend too. I don't get to go to the fair every year but definitely taking Gavin this year. My favorite fair food is the roasted corn and meat on a stick. I'm not really big into trying all the creative fried food because it kind of grosses me fried butter. Say what?!

  2. The fair is always going on for Zack's birthday too. He will be 12 on October 4th. I have never had cheese curds. Must try those!! I normally get fried green tomatos and the chicken on a stick. Oh and a pineapple whip!

  3. Cheese curds sound amazing! We tried the Red Velvet funnel cake with vanilla icing on it last year and it was AMAZING! I can't wait to have it again.

  4. the san diego fair is always on my bday, nice of SD to celebrate me that way! :) i'm not very brave when it comes to food at the fair...everything is deep fried and makes me feel like i'm going to have a heart attack just reading the menus. however, my sis LOVES the deep fried reese's pb cups. have fun! looking forward to pics. ;)

  5. I absolutely LOVE fairs. Especially Agricultural and Harvest Fairs. The New England states have a combined fair named The Big E. It's HUGE! We were there for 4-1/2 hours and didn't see everything. A-Mazing.

    My teen son wanted cajun BBQ alligator. Loved it. He said it tasted like salmon, but more of a texture like chicken. I got a HUMONGOUS cream puff that the Big E is famous for.

    OK. Now my mouth is watering. I want to go back! LOL!!

    Have an AWESOME birthday at the fair!!! :) :)


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