Sep 21, 2012

Local Links

One of the questions I get asked most, other than what color of paint was used in the girls' room (Sherwin Williams Silver Spring, by the way) is how do I know about all the local festivals.

Here's a quick run down for those of you interested:

Tulsa People - I subscribe to their email list and get a weekend update each week. It has tons of great ideas of things to do.

I also pick up an issue of Tulsa Kids when I'm out and about. The back always has an event calendar so I make note of the things we may want to check out each month, handy-dandy.

There's also Do What. The fabulous Tasha Ball, of Tasha Does Tulsa, had her hand in this so you know you can find some good stuff. I tend to check the site on Friday to see if there's anything I've missed and might want to look into.

Lastly, I like TravelOK Festival and Events page. It's not just Tulsa-specific so if we're feeling like a drive, it's always good to know what's going on around Oklahoma.

Hope that helps! What sources do you guys like for event info?


  1. I want to move to Tulsa and go to festivals with you.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I live in OKC and we love taking road trips with our little mess, but I always find out AFTER it's over.

    PS long time blog stalker, so "hi!"


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