Sep 13, 2012

Grilled Pizzas


Brace yourself, folks. I have found a new favorite food.

Over Labor Day weekend we had our grill back in full force. The husband grilled steaks, kabobs, dove (from his hunting trip), stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers and, wait for it, pizzas. Now, the pizzas didn't top the steak, but they were pretty fantastic.

We've never cooked pizzas on the grill so this was a whole new experience. We looked up several methods online and ended up mashing a few together. This is not a recipe post, because I have no idea about the grilling part but it's just to say, hey, if you haven't tried grilling pizza, do it. It's so good.

To start, we picked up some dough balls at a local pizzeria, the Pie Hole. I've talked about this place many a times on this blog when we do pizza night. You can find more about it here.

We wanted the dough a little thick since we didn't know how it would do on the grill so I made a few small pizzas. I just pulled the dough out to form circle-ish shapes. We also wanted to keep them small so they would be easy to flip on the grill.

After I pulled out the dough, I brushed each pizzas with a glaze of melted butter, minced garlic and evoo. It's main purpose was to make sure the dough didn't stick to the grates but with a little garlic, it also gave the crust a little flavor.

The husband put two down at a time and cooked one side until it was brown. Then he flipped them over and took them off the grill so we could top them.


I had some homemade pasta sauce from the garden we canned earlier this summer so we used it but any sauce would do. Then we topped each. Since we had leftover veggies from the night before's kabobs, we made veggie pizzas with sliced mushrooms, sliced squash and zucchini, onion, red peppers some cheddar cheese and crumbled feta. We also made a cheese-only version for the kiddos.


After each was topped, they went back to grill and continued cooking until they were done. Like I said, I don't know for how long or what the coal situation was because that was the husband's job but I'm sure you can figure it out.


Then it was time to eat!


Oh man! The dough was a little crispy and chewy and just down-right delicious.


We will be making many more grilled pizzas in the future.

Oh, and see that awesome pizza plate, I found that at our flea market! Such a great buy.

Anyway, have you ever tried grilling pizzas before or am I just late to the game on this?


  1. I love grilled pizza, but we have never grilled the dough before. What kind did you use? We always use the pre-made things from the grocery store, I was afraid the dough would ooze through the grate. Also, a friend told me to add cream cheese to the top of the dough before the sauce, it is wonderful!

  2. And one more the pizza plate! Brings back memories!

  3. I am trying this this weekend for sure.

  4. Love this! I have been too afraid to try it because I didn't really believe that the dough would hold up on the grill. Pictures don't lie, so I'm a believer now! We will have to try this once we get moved in.

  5. P.S. try one with pesto instead of pizza sauce!!

  6. I have made pizza on the grill many times, here's the skinny on the grilling situation... You've gotta be quick on your feet, cause it's a fast moving process. Get your grill HOT, like 400 - 450 degrees, place your dough on the grates and let it cook - maybe 3 minutes, it will start to puff up and stuff - just pop the air bubble if you don't like them. Check the bottom of the dough to see how it looks and then flip it over when you like the color. While still on the grill, place your sauce and toppings on the pizza, close the lid for a couple minutes to melt everything and voila! The pizza is done! I usually take everything outside with me so I'm prepared to top the pizza dough when it's ready. Super delicious, perfect crust. I have made them pretty thin before, it's a little trickier, but still managable - as long as you have the dough nicely oiled, you'll be fine. As far as the concern of the dough draping between the grates, this is why you have that grill HOT! You want it to start firming up your dough right away!

  7. Oh good lord, that is a beautiful sight. Grilled pizza is a fave for sure. And I have never had dove, I would love to try it sometime!

  8. Oh Yummers! Those look awesome!!
    I've done something similar, but I grilled the veggies first.

    I thought of you the other day. I saw Iced Coffee Marshmallows on Pinterest!
    These would be SO good in hot cocoa!!


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