Jun 20, 2011

CrazyJoy = Comparison (revealed)

Happy Monday! We had such a fun weekend celebrating the husband's first Father's Day. It was filled with food, fishing and lots of love.

Some how in the mix of all that I was supposed to find something that represented our CrazyJoy challenge word from Friday, COMPARISON.

Sunday afternoon I was sitting with my girl on the boat and looked down at our feet. Right now she has such tiny, chubby little feet and I love smooching all over them. But, one day, they'll be bigger, maybe even bigger than mine and I doubt I'll want to smooch them.

So here's my take on the word. Comparing my feet with hers.


Here's Anna's. Check out her post for the story.

Did you do the challenge with us? If so, link up and we'll pick a favorite and announce it on Friday with the new word over on Anna's blog.

recipe for crazy


  1. What a sweet picture! I love baby feet! I can't wait to participate with the challenge this week:)

  2. you guys are terrible creative. love what you came up with. thanks for having this every week.

  3. phew! i thought i wouldn't get a chance to participate this week because we are traveling but i found a way to submit a photo. yay! :)

  4. btw, love the FEET!


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