Jun 1, 2011

Not Feeling Well

Poor little Sweet P hasn't been feeling too hot lately.

Her eyes are red, watery and puffy.

She's been sneezing a lot and her nose is constantly flowing. Oh, and she has this fake cry that's a little pitiful and a little funny. You know it's the fakey cry when her mouth turns into a little o.

Poor girl. I sure hope she doesn't have allergies.


  1. Poor thing, hope it's not allergies as well! She's so darn cute fakey crying though!

  2. From our personal experience it sounds like allergies especially since P's eyes are red and puffy. Especislly if they are itchy. Our pediatritian said babies cant get allergies but she is full of it! lol. K has food and other type of allergies so we know about it all too well.

  3. :( hope your girl is feeling better in no time!

  4. yay glad i stumble across your blog! i am also a graphic designer and Im so bias about my daughter too..thinking she's the cutest baby in the world haha Im not living in midwest but im from there! :D

    your newest fan!


  5. Aww, poor girl! I hope she feels better soon.

  6. She is so pretty...puffy eyes, fake cry, and all.

  7. Poor baby girl! Hope she feels better soon!


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