Jun 28, 2011

The Roadhouse

Lake Rules

This past weekend my little family of three headed up to Grand Lake to visit a long time friend's new restaurant and stay at his parent's lake house. It was dreamy. I'll probably post better pictures of our relaxing weekend later but for now you get ones from my point and shoot. My sister stupidly graciously lent me her backup camera and it died this weekend so my pictures are stuck on it until I can get the charger from her.

Anyway, if you're out near Grand and want some really good food, check out The Roadhouse. It's near Monkey Island.

the roadhosue at Grand Lake

Eric and I sampled a little bit of everything but our favorites were the smoked salmon dip, coconut shrimp, grilled quail and steak. The coconut shrimp came with a cranberry compote and they were my favorite thing I ate all weekend.

Dinner at the roadhouse

If you go, tell Justin hi for me. He and his brother are the new owners and are doing an awesome job!!

And, I will leave you with our view all weekend.

Lake View


  1. I can't believe...
    1. You didn't tell me earlier you don't have a charger.

    2. It lasted that long on one charge!

    I have to charge my batteries every few days.

  2. the food looks so delicious as well as the lake view. yay for weekend trips to the lake!

  3. Love this post. We camp all summer long on the weekends. I gave you a blog award on my artblog today. GO check it out! =)

  4. We are at Grand all the time! Looking forward to a new restuarant. Can you get there by boat?

  5. Hello dear Lesley!

    I went to school with your sis, and found your blog through hers. Thank you thank you thank you for all the great recipes - particularly the creamed corn - ridiculous good!

    Anywho, down to business - is this one in the same roadhouse that was on monkey island at a different location that I'd assumed had closed? If so, I'm overjoyed, as it is our face restaurant on monkey isle. Please advise ASAP. ;)

    Longest comment ever? Maybe, but you had it coming as I NEVER comment (always reading randomly on phone - commenting feels complicated on a phone, no?).

  6. Oh! And while I'm at it, after you and ashley's silly noodling post, I saw the most awesome OETA (yeah, I'm cool like that) special on noodling that my hubs and I could not tear our eyes away from. LOL!!!


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