Jun 14, 2011

P's First Trip on the Boat

I hope you all enjoyed my sister's post yesterday and learned a bit about my husband. Some of those comments cracked me up. So while we're on that subject, Eric took a co-worker fishing noodling with him over he weekend so me and the little miss tagged along. She's been fishing with us several times but this was her first trip on the boat.

She wasn't too impressed with her life jacket but I thought she looked adorable in it.


She tired of watching the boys trying to find a fish and decided to explore. It was a little difficult in that jacket but she managed.


I also made sure to bring plenty of snacks for the both of us. Look at those healthy snacks, carrots and hummus, sliced apple and almonds. Sheesh.


As if my snacks weren't enough, she saw an open bag of Doritos Eric's friend brought and helped herself to her first taste of nacho cheesey goodness.


I also brought along plenty of her favorite toys to keep her entertained when we were stopped. Yes, plastic measuring cups that she adores...I see a little cook in the making!


I tried to get her to wear her fishing hat but that didn't last long.


She also tried out her new little floating thing...and LOVED it.


She was such a great sport and didn't fuss a bit. I think she was made for the lake, even if it's to watch Daddy noodle.


Looks like we'll be making many more trips to the lake with our little one!!


  1. She is sooo cute! Noodling is crazy! I would NEVER do that, I would be scared for my life. Some of those fish are twice as big as Sweet P!

  2. Too cute. One day, it'll be all of us hanging out at the lake! :)

  3. I wish they would make a very safe lifejacket for babies that wasn't so big and bulky. Colton HATES his! But there is no way I will let him around the lake without one. Same for my older 2 (12 years and 10 years), I make them wear a life belt. And they will do so until they are 18. I can't see in the lake, so they are wearing it! Love the pictures you got of her. She is adorable!

  4. i love the first photo of her..it's like she's ready now.and that cute lil life jacket is so adorable!

  5. That looks like so much fun! Your daughter is just adorable. That's one of my favorite ages! And how lucky that she didn't fuss a bit. :) Great way to spend a day!

  6. she could seriously not be any cuter.
    one thing i love about you is that you enjoy the same things as your husband. that is so important and i think you are a rockstar for it! and along with that, it's awesome that you take your girl along with. :)


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