Jun 8, 2011

A Little Snag in the Plan

I had a goal in mind and everything was going to plan. I've been getting up early and have worked out every weekday since the first of the month. Sure, that's only 6 days so far, but still, I haven't missed a day. If you remember, I was using my hair appointment on the 21st as motivation to get in better shape.


Then I got a text. My hair lady had someone cancel and could fit me in. My sister agreed to watch my girl and I got my hair cut weeks in advance! Say goodbye to the old hair and ponytails.


And hello to a short, sassy do!


Great for summer but not so great for my motivation.

Speaking of motivation, when you are working out and have reached your limit, how do you push through. Today was BRU-TAL. I always picture Jillian or Bob yelling at me Biggest Loser style saying things like, "Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going!!" or "Last Chance Workout!!" Just curious because Bob and Jill will only last so long I'm afraid.


  1. I could record myself yelling those things at you and you could play it...or the boys could spend the nights at your house and hit your booty with light sabers when you slow down. Just an idea. :)

  2. Love the haircut! And I like working out with someone else so I have competition.

  3. I love your hair!!!! So freakin' cute. and I have no answer for motivation since I can't get myself to the gym for the life of me...not even with a beach trip in 2 weeks!

  4. love your hair! so cute!

    working out is so hard to do...I jiggle my muffin top, flabby arms, and thunder thighs, and that reminds me I need to push through!

  5. you totally rock the short hair do! You look gorgeous. when I had my hair short, I look like a boy..true story!

  6. That style looks great on you!!! Perfect summer do! And Insanity is no joke!!! I couldn't even get through 6 days myself. I remember after about 4 minutes I was ready to quit. Props to you for getting up that early too!

  7. Love the hair! It looks great! I like Ashley's idea with the light sabers. :)

  8. Oh that is early! I couldn't handle that. ;) Nice haircut! I love short and fun cuts for summer.

    Hmm...motivation to push through. Mostly I just yell at myself Jillian style and tell myself it's all in my head. My body is fine, my brain needs to just shut-up. It works most of the time. But when I'm in a real slump, I look at my pictures from last year and remind myself how far of come and how I don't want to give that up. Good luck! Six days of insanity is awesome!

  9. I love the hair. As for the workouts, I joined the running group in my neighborhood that runs 3 miles @ 6am T/Th. Telling them I'll be there makes me accountable. For home workouts, I wear a sports bra and short shorts only. That lets me see all the nasty areas and reminds me why I don't need to quit. Something about seeing the cottage cheese jiggling on your thighs while doing mountain climbers that keeps you from quitting.

  10. you are hotness!

    and i am commenting on every post you ever wrote!


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