Mar 15, 2011

Beautiful Criers

Have you heard of those people? When they get all teary-eyed and have a boo-fest they look just as gorgeous as when they're smiling?

There are a lot of them in the movies.

Around here, we do not cry beautifully. I get red splotches all over my face and my eyes swell up and turn red. Not pretty at all.

I guess Sweet P inherited my lack of crying beautifully, but she's still pretty!

I love this picture of her. Her squinty-eyed-bottom lip-way-out-cry! Cracks me up. I know, bad mom, her cry makes me laugh.

Her Aunt Ashley took her 7 month pictures and that picture was in the mix. Go check out more at her blog!

Thanks Ashley!!


  1. LOVE that face!
    I must be a bad mom too, I have countless pictures of my crying girl.
    Ashley takes amazing pics of Miss P. Hard not too, she is such a beauty!

  2. Oh don't worry, I laugh when Gavin cries too. I mean....what...huh?
    I like your new blog layout! I need someone to do mine for me. ;) I know, I should do my own but I'm running out of creative juice in that graphic department because of school.


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