Mar 2, 2011

Keeping it Real

After yesterday's long post, I'll keep this short.

We can't eat Chef-prepared meals every day so what do we do? Well, yesterday I had a play date with Sweet P and her friends at the park. So, on the way I stopped at Sonic to try one of their new hot dogs.

My sister told me about them a couple days before so I had to see what they were like. Here's the menu.

Confession time. I ate there two days in a row! I never really eat at Sonic either. I just go from time to time for happy hour. Anyway, yes, two days in a row for their new hot dogs.

I tried the New York dog first. It was good. Not great.

Sonic's New York Dog

The next day I went back and tried the Chicago dog. It was really good. I took the pickle spear off because it was too difficult to eat with it on.

Sonic's Chicago Dog
Sonic's Chicago Dog

So, we keep it real around here. One night a 6 course meal, the next a hot dog from Sonic.

That's how I roll!

And here's Miss P at the park.

Happy hump day!

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