Mar 11, 2011

Did You Know...

I fired up my old Macbook last night and took a little trip down memory lane now you get to go too.

So, did you know...

1. The husband was once nicknamed mmm-bop? It was lovingly given to him by one of his guys friends when he looked like this.

Apparently, the long hair reminded him of the Hansons. Side note, my sister made Sweet P a onesie that said mmm-bops baby!

2. Then he let the hair go. And go it went. Can we say hill-billy?

3. One of our wedding pictures was used in an ad campaign in New York?

Yeah, I'm kind of famous like that.

4. I met Barry Switzer.

At an OSU-OU football game. And OSU won. And Toby Keith was there.

5. I've had 4 kidney stones. 2 I passed in Jamaica.

6. I have never lost money in Las Vegas.

I've only played a slot machine in the airport, but I won!

So, I bet you didn't know some of those things! Okay, if you're family, you did.

Anyway, happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  1. OW! I don't know if I've ever seen a photograph of a kidney stone before. Some trip to Jamaica that must have been! Fun pictures! (well, of the other stuff) ;)

    Question: Have you always used a Mac? I'm really considering getting one next time I need a new computer (which will likely be soon). I'm so used to Windows, and especially MS Office, that I just don't know if I would survive the switch. Ha! :) I know you can buy Windows and Office for Mac, but from what I've read, things just don't work like they do on a PC. Anywho... Just curious. :)

  2. Hi Jenny, I just sent you an email to try to answer your question!

  3. I have very similar pictures of my handsome husband with the boy band hair. And even more specifically, in his camo too.

    you have a new follower! I'm kind of (really) a food lover here too and your daughter is GORGEOUS! I've seen pictures of her on your sisters blog but didn't put it together until now.
    Have a good one!


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