Mar 10, 2011

Embrace the Camera - Remembering When

Sweet P was 5 days old...

photo by ashleyannphotography
I cried almost every day thinking about how she was going to grow up too fast. I wanted to absorb every single moment with her. She was so wee.

I held her.

I cuddled her.

I kissed her.

I rocked her.

I loved her.

These things haven't changed, but she sure has.

That sweet little, fragile baby from 7 months ago has already grown so much.

She doesn't just lay around, staring blankly anymore. She looks at me. She smiles at me. She kisses me back.

And, although I would love to be able to hold her again without her trying to squirm out of my arms, I am embracing her independence. She is beautiful and I love watching her grow.


  1. what a beautiful photo! definitely one to treasure forever. and the video is so sweet!

  2. sweetest picture! and i know the feeling...all.too.well. they grow wayyy too fast. mine are almost ONE. they will never ever be babies again. i could cry.

  3. such a beautiful post today! i know whatcha mean, my little baby girl turned one yesturday.

  4. I'm so close to losing all the baby that's left in my little two year old! It makes me cry, but I also love seeing who he's becoming. Oh, so torn! Soak it up! and great picture.

  5. I'm dying inside... My little man is 7 months as of yesterday... I try not to get too sad about how fast they change and grow, but to really be present. Roll around in the right here and now, it's such a beautiful place to be!

  6. visiting from the Anderson crew...

    such a beautiful photo! oh, how I long for those days again! my 9.5mo old just started walking, so he wants nothing to do with being held :(

  7. so well said! those precious newborn days are so sweet but it is SO fun watching them grow. LOVE the first pic especially! <3

  8. what a stunning picture! I almost want to frame it and put it in my house!! Lovely

  9. so sweet, I feel the same way about my little guy.

  10. I love looking back at old pictures, this one of you and your daughter is beautiful!

  11. so sweet & so true. :) cute picture!

  12. really, truly a beautiful shot.


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