Mar 28, 2011

I Cheated

I made the Pioneer Woman's chicken pot pie - for the most part.

I made all the filling and started on her crust recipe. Now, either, she has a typo in her book, or I lost count measuring somewhere (which has been known to happen from time to time so we'll go with that) because my dough was a gummy mess.

There was a stage in her book where it was supposed to look like little crumbles. Mine looked like a blob.

I decided to scrap the dough and then I headed up to the store and bought some refrigerated pie dough. (Thank you Pillsbury)

I'm sure her super-flakey crust was WAY better, but my cheater version came out pretty good!

So, sorry P-dub, I cheated.


  1. I do know that there are typo's in her recipe book. It's happened to me too :( Try looking at the recipe on the blog and see if it's different than the book.

  2. I blame a typo in the book. ;) And um.. still looks quite yummy to me!!!


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